It came early, which offends no one.

Here’s a tip for the 2016 season:

Get those permits!

The LPA Board passed a set of fairly significant penalties for not getting land disturbing or building permits at their March 22, 2016 meeting. The fines are substantial, but should never have to be enforced…Why? Any private community has regulations and requirements. It’s what makes each community unique. Every buyer/owner in a community should realize that and there are numerous places to get the information about permits, rules and guidelines.

The LPA provides an extensive webpage at where non-members can explore the requirements for building and living here. Members can apply for a login on the site and get their information. New member/owners get an extensive folder with lake information including the latest Building Codes.

Building permits are required for all structures as defined in the regulations…Since most of the lake is essentially zoned single family residential, the number of structures and their size is simply noted and regulated. Any residential lot can have a home, a  detached garage, a storage shed and a gazebo (or alternative to gazebos, a shoreline sun shelter or picnic shelter.) Each structure has size limits and must abide by setback regulations and a few simple architectural requirements.

Land disturbing activities also require permits (free) when a project is disturbing more than 1,000 square feet or within 100 feet of the lake, or is establishing or widening a new driveway. Ditches cannot be filled without permission as ditches are necessary for road quality.

So, it’s simple…if you want to do a project…contact the LPA. It’s likely you’ll be able to do what you want to do…but there are some restrictions and, with most properties, the restrictions in size are simply practical.

Just in case you hadn’t considered it, the LPA doesn’t allow above ground pools, fences are very limited in scope and require permits, beaches have special qualifications due to sand loss and maintenance issues, and buildings with habitable space (finished space for occupancy) require construction inspection.

For a complete list, consult the office, check the website, or give us a call.