Lake Panorama Water System

Boil Advisory

Due to a leak that created loss of pressure in a large area of the system, a “Boil Advisory” must be issued. When water pressure is completely lost, there is some potential for contaminants to get into the water system. This means it may not be fit for human consumption but is OK for showering, washing, dishwashing, etc. We recommend your participation in taking this precaution. Bringing water to a rolling boil should handle any organisms present.

This means that water should not be used for drinking or cooking without being boiled first. (Note: new ice from automatic icemakers should not be used for drinking.) This applies to all users on the water system as water conditioning and softening systems do not function to treat the water for potential pathogens. The advisory will remain in effect until bacteria tests show the system is clean. We will issue another bulletin as soon as that happens.

Due to water loss, there will be air in the system until it can be displaced by water. Open a faucet or two to help release this air. If it lasts longer than several minutes, please call the office at (641) 755-2301. Staff will begin flushing hydrants to release the air throughout the system as repairs are finished and water tower levels restored. Be cautious doing laundry as sediments will likely be stirred up due to the leak and flushing and staining could occur if you don’t have filters.

Water service should be restored to most areas by the end of the day.

At this time, the advisory could last as long as early next week, but, as soon as two consecutive bacteria-free tests are received, we will issue an end to the advisory. There will also be public notice of the advisory through the media.