Where did the summer go? It has been an unusual year at Lake Panorama. Rains, heavy rains, have seemed to be the norm…both on the lake itself and in the watershed of the Middle Raccoon River.

The colors of fall are beginning to arrive and it’s a good time to review issues, especially for new members, concerning the fall days ahead:

  1. The lake is being lowered for repairs on the concrete spillway. Most boats and lifts have already been removed from the lake, but if you’re still planning on trailering your vessel to the marina and doing some late season boating, remember the following: the navigational buoys are out and there are new, unmarked hazards at lower water levels; the debris boom is out and rain events may bring debris into boating areas; don’t travel too fast as wake could possibly erode shoreline at lower lake levels.
  2. Fall Yard Clean-up–Burning of leaves is allowed on your own property, as long as its supervised, within your property lines, not in a drainageway, ditch or gully, and it is done when wind and weather conditions are safe and non-hazardous to your neighbors. Despite Mother Nature’s actions, it’s illegal to rake leaves into the lake.
  3. If you choose not to burn, the yard waste sites are for you. All leaves can be taken to the yard waste sites on Wednesdays through Sundays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The sites are closed for maintenance on Mondays and Tuesdays. Leaves go in the mulch pile areas as they cannot be burned when collected at these sites due to Iowa DNR regulations about smoke. Anything that grows on your lot can be taken to the yard waste sites except wood greater than 12 inches in diameter, root balls, and stumps. (These don’t burn at all or don’t burn fast enough to keep from causing smoke issues.) There is a specific area for burning wood (not leaves). Look for signs that give directions. Be sure you don’t take anything else to the yard waste sites–lumber, construction materials, garbage and trash are No-Nos.
  4. Shorelines–Lakeshore owners should take advantage of the lake being lowered to check out the condition of their riprap. If you see signs of erosion, exposed and weathered fabric backing, slumping or other signs of deterioration, its time for repairs or renovation. Obvious cases of poor riprap will likely be getting letters to repair the problems.
  5. Fall Golf–Not everything is work at the end of the season…golfing at the LPN or Panorama West is beautiful this time of year with crisp days, sunshine, and bright colors.
  6. Getting ready for winter–Going to be gone this winter?  You can engage the Security department to check your home for temperature (to prevent freezing) and for signs of disturbance while you are gone.
  7. The water company recommends you give them a call and shut your water off at the street when you will be gone during normally cold weather periods. One cycle of turn-off/on is done for no charge annually. It is also recommended to shut the water valve off at the water meter. When members come back in the spring, the water company asks someone to be present when the water service is restored, just in case frozen pipes were broken when the water returns.
  8. The water company will be flushing hydrants on weekdays From October 19 to 30. Just in case, its important to check water conditions prior to doing laundry as the flushing often stirs sediments that could cause staining to whites and delicates, especially.
  9. Above all, enjoy the fall…be safe…take your time…and enjoy Lake Panorama.