When the warm, beautiful days arrive, the sleeping office phones go crazy with requests, questions, inquiries, and more. Here’s a list of events and some reminders for LPA members. Don’t miss checking our website, also.

1. The annual meeting is Saturday, May 9, at 10 a.m. at the Lake Panorama National Conference Center. Members may turn in their ballots for board of director candidates by mail (they must be turned in with the numbered envelope sent in the annual meeting mailing (if it gets lost, call the office for instructions at (641) 755-2301.)  Vote for no more than two candidates for the two open seats. It’s best to mail your ballots but they can be brought to the annual meeting and will be counted if they are submitted prior to the closing of the ballot which is early in the proceedings.

2. The Fin and Feather Banquet is the evening of May 9 at the LPN. Check out the ticket order and information by clicking here.

3. Early Season Boating–The navigation buoys have been placed. The hazard buoys mean just what they say. Traveling at at any speed close to these buoys is hazardous to propellers and lower units. The buoys have the force of rules.

4. New boating rule–The area of the Narrows (above Sunset Beach and below the far Upper Basin) will be closed to all towing activities on holidays and weekends from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Memorial Day through Labor Day…This is a new safety rule for the narrow area and includes no wake surfing as well as no skiing, tubing or wakeboarding.

5. The upper basin is currently closed to recreational boating due to the dredging going on there until Memorial Day. Stay out of the area unless you own property there and have a dock or lift. Floating and submerged dredge pipe and equipment is hazardous to any boat and must be respected. Locals must operate their vessel slowly in this area.

6. Don’t forget to renew your fishing license. It is required for fishing in Lake Panorama, whether in a boat or from on shore. All Iowa fishing laws are in effect and are enforced by conservation officers.

7. Emerald Ash Borer has been discovered in southeast Dallas County. We recommend members to determine if white or green ash species (not Mountain ash which is a different plant family) are on lake property and decide how valuable these are and whether to remove or plan on future replacement.  Treatment won’t be recommended until a known infestation occurs within 15 miles of the lake.

8. Road Repairs are beginning at the Lake. Watch for road construction and repair activities and slow down for workers. Work zones will be marked by signs. Work will only be taking place during weekdays, but some areas may be marked on weekends and should be driven with caution.

9. Invasive species stickers–To launch on the lake in 2015, every vessel must have an invasive species sticker. Members who have applied for boat permits and designated their boats will remain or only operate on Lake Panorama (RESIDENT BOATS) have been issued green invasive species stickers which should be placed alongside their 2015 boat permit as instructed with the permits. Members who designated their vessel will boat on other water bodies (NON-RESIDENT VESSELS) will be issued RED invasive species stickers upon reporting to LPA Security prior to their first launch. Every boat traveling to another water body must report to Security for inspection prior to re-launching at Lake Panorama. All vessels must be clean, drained and dry  (for at least 5 days) after launching at another lake, river, or other water body.

Have a safe and happy spring!