Winter is the supremely quiet season at Lake Panorama.

Here are some thoughts regarding winter for our homeowners and visitors:

  • Homeowners who will be gone for extended period should make sure all deliveries are stopped, have the water shut off at the street (and shut off the valve within the home), have someone check on the home to be sure it is undisturbed and the heat is on (LPA Security can provide that service for you), and have the driveway plowed to give the impression someone is home. Light timers would also be a good idea.
  • Driving conditions change very quickly and depend upon location. The maintenance department takes pride in clearing LPA streets in a timely manner. The variety of hills, curves and slopes mean that salt/sand treatment may vary in its effectiveness. Let us know if a slick spot remains.
  • LPA Boaters have a new application to fill out this year. The “boat permit application” is actually geared to make each member familiar with the invasive species issue and help our Security department monitor boat traffic and inspect those vessels launching at the Marina. Be sure to read and fill out the yellow paper in your annual billing for each vessel and sign the appropriate box (es) on the reverse side. Boat permits will not be issued without a properly completed form. If you don’t know your DNR numbers for your vessels (assuming storage), the LPA staff can fill in that information for you IF the vessel was registered in 2014. Questions?  Please call the office at (641) 755-2301. Every vessel will receive an invasive sticker–and must have one to launch in 2015.
  • Things to look forward to in 2015–a new swimming pool will be available to members at the LPN. The pool is almost completed and is a joint project with the Clover Ridge TImeshare Owners actually constructing the pool. If river flow conditions permit, the Lake will be lowered over 4 feet in the fall of 2015 for routine dam and spillway maintenance. This would be a good time to inspect lakeshore rip rap and dock stability. New rules will be in effect regarding towing activities in the Narrows. Towing of tubes, skiers and wakeboards, (and any other) will be prohibited between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m on weekends and holidays during the summer.
  • Have a safe and Happy New Year!