The below zero weather reminds us that winter has a long way to go. Here are some tips for members who spend time in warmer places this time of year.

  • It’s not too late to have the water turned off at the street. The Water Company offers this as a free service while owners are gone from their homes over an extended period of time. The only inconvenience–someone needs to be home and available when the water is turned back on.
  • Not only is it good to turn the water off at the street, but it may benefit members to arrange for our Security Department to do twice-weekly look-ins at homes while owners are gone. There are two types of service and prices depend upon which one is chosen. In either case, a home can be checked to insure the furnace is working. Some home insurance companies require this type of service when owners are away.
  • Both of these services are available because, over time, several homes have been damaged by loss of heat, freezing of pipes, and breakage of pipes and leakage of water into the homes causing lots of water damage and costly repairs.  It has happened again this winter. Call our office at (641) 755-2301 during regular office hours–8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays–to arrange services.
  • Stay off the ice, unless you are very familiar with conditions. The resident population of Canada geese keeps large areas of lake surface open, despite the temperatures. The activity, combined with wind, waves, and underwater currents can cause weak areas, especially near the open water. Underwater springs cause thin ice in several areas. It takes four inches of clear ice to be safe for one person.
  • Don’t tailgate snow plows. It is important to give LPA snowplow trucks space while traveling. Visibility is often hampered by snow thrown or being blown during plow operations. Give the plows space so that operators can see you. If following too close, you may be invisible to the operator. Sometimes plows lose traction, too!
  • Take your time. The LPA maintenance department takes pride in keeping LPA streets open for travel during winter weather events. LPA streets are amazingly varied due to changes in terrain, sun exposure, wind exposure, turns, visibility and daily temperature fluctuations. Treatment of the streets with salt and sand, combined with varying conditions, results in varying street surfaces. Take your time and insure your driving matches the conditions. Watch for refreezing after warm days.
  • Snow removal–Make sure snow removed from private driveways and walks is not pushed onto the street or piled so as to block driveway visibility. If there is no other place to put snow it can be pushed across a street as long as it is not put in front of another home, block road visibility or leaves portions on the street that could cause damage to vehicles or loss of control.

Thanks for cooperating–Enjoy the beauty of the season, even though it has its inconveniences.