Conditions are ripe for a beautiful 4th of July weekend. Large crowds are expected and the lake will be busy with all kinds of activity.

Boaters–Skiers–Tubers–Wakeboarders–Jet Skiers– Please use every precaution while on the lake.  Experience indicates that there will be some debris from the recent rain event that will re-appear due to wave action and wind. Lake Patrol will be out and watching for safety violations.

The busy lake means more possibilities for accidents. Watch out for downed skiers and tubers. Be sure you have an extra pair of eyes available to look out for floating debris if it occurs.

The Iowa DNR will patrol the lake this weekend and will be especially looking out for Operators Under the Influence– If you must drink, don’t drive the boat…a recent DNR press release noted how the effects of one drink of alcohol are magnified by the effects of sun, water, and lake activity. Let the designated, experienced operator drive the boat.  This is not the weekend to put someone who has no boating experience behind the wheel.

The Fireworks display is scheduled for Saturday night, July 6, at dusk.  Enjoy the display!

And Be Safe!