ALERT – Lake Panorama Members – Flooding Possible


10 a.m., Monday, May 27


Lake Panorama Members,


Please be aware the level of Lake Panorama is projected to rise TODAY. Heavy rain upstream has caused the evacuation of the Springbrook Campgrounds. LPA has also advised Guthrie County Conservation to evacuate the campgrounds at Lenon Mill (below Lake Panorama).


The extent of this flooding/lake rise is not known, but has the potential to be significant. Additional rains in the forecast make for potential of flooding throughout the next week.


LPA advises you tie your boats to your lift, and then tie the boat and lift to a tree or other stake or structure on land. This will prevent your boat and lift from floating away in high-water conditions.


Remember – Lake Panorama is NOT a flood control lake. Our goal is to maintain a constant lake level, by discharging water out of the lake at the same rate water enters the lake. However, flood conditions result in a situation where our main spillway cannot discharge water as fast as it comes in.


Be safe –


John Rutledge


General Manager – Lake Panorama