Please remember the public hearing on Guthrie County Supervisor Redistricting will be held on Tuesday, August 9 at 10:00 am. The location will be the Guthrie County Courthouse.

LPA has devoted a significant amount of time and effort to this issue as we believe it is vitally important to our community’s future. We will be presenting our own plan and look forward to sharing it with you as part of this event.

As General Manager, I would like to reach out to you as leaders of this community. Please volunteer to drive a carload of your friends and neighbors to support this cause. Bringing a carload of four to this event can make a difference!

Let’s show the supervisors that we have a lot of pride in Lake Panorama and that we want to be treated with the same considerations provided all other communities in our county.

See you Tuesday,

John Rutledge


Motivational Quote:  “Are you serious? I lost by how many votes?!?” — Al Gore

(Just kidding – Made that quote up for a little Friday morning humor…)