It’s hard to believe the Major League Baseball All-Star game is tonight. Whether or not you follow baseball, this game is a “wake up call” that summer has been in business for quite some time. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to scratch a few days off of your calendar and hit the lake for some rest and relaxation.

Work has been very busy for LPA over the past month. Here’s my best attempt at a “summary.” (My apologies in advance for my lack of brevity.)

The water plant project continues to be a landmark endeavor for the association. I expect the mechanics of the plant are more exciting to staff and me than they are to the average person. None the less, I know you will all enjoy a tour of the plant and hope to announce the reveal date sometime in early to mid August. I hope you can make some time to join us. Remember, you are not only a customer of the plant, you are an owner.

You will notice some differences in the water now that we are drawing from both the Jordan and Dakota Aquifers. The most notable difference will be hardness, which will have increased in comparison to what you previously received over the past few years. We expect the new water will essentially be comparable to the water provided in the 1990’s, which was positively received by members who lived here at that time.

LPA is recommending you re-calibrate your water softener to account for the new hardness of our water. This changed significantly in late June but should now remain consistent for an indefinite period of time. Thanks for your patience as we also fine tune our treatment practices to address any aesthetic characteristics of the new water source.

Road surfacing has essentially been completed for the year with 9.75 miles being seal coated. Sta-Bilt Construction of Harlan was our contractor this year and again did a great job on the project. My hat’s off to LPA’s own maintenance crew who did  excellent prep work for almost 10 miles of road. 

On a related note, the Guthrie County engineer notified me the repair on 200th should be permanently repaired by the end of July. My thanks to him and his crew for putting this on their crowded, summer schedule.

LPA has been struggling with recent misuse of our brush dumps. The materials deposited have generally been acceptable, however, they have been in the wrong deposit area. The east dump, in particular, has received a large amount of brush in the compost pile. We have added additional signage to stress brush must be delivered to the furthermost point from LPA’s maintenance shop. This is required to maintain sufficient burning distance from neighboring residences. Unfortunately, brush deposited in the compost area costs our staff time which could be spent on other, important projects.

LPA’s Security department continues to strive for balance in their duties. They are committed to a level of enforcement that provides a fun, social atmosphere while at the same time protecting the safety of all involved. Security is most effective when it is least needed. To borrow a line from the beer manufacturers, “Enjoy Lake Panorama, Enjoy Responsibly.”

Lake Panorama West Golf Course remains the best, golf deal around. If you haven’t tried the course, please stop by and see what we have to offer. Where else can you shoot bogey golf and still mark down a, “36?”

Administratively, the Board of Directors and I have been devoting a fair amount of our time investigating the county supervisor redistricting process. This is an important issue for LPA as we depend heavily on county government. For example, county supervisors are responsible for setting property tax rates, overseeing road maintenance on county roads leading into the Lake Panorama development, and partnering with the Lake Panorama RIZ board for erosion control. Look for further updates on this issue in the coming week.

In closing, I would like to thank you for sticking with me through this blog. Summer provides a great amount of material to share with you. Best wishes for a safe July and August!

John Rutledge


Quote to Ponder:

“If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts, but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end in certainties.”  — Francis Bacon