Punxsutawney Phil is a LIAR!

As I write you today, I am seriously questioning the forecasting ability of Pennsylvania’s most famous groundhog. This morning’s temperatures were in the Double Digit Negatives. Khaki pants and dress shoes just don’t cut the mustard when it’s 13 below!

As I thaw out at the office, I thought it would be good to update you on a few things we have been working on at LPA.

Administration – By now, you should have received your dues and assessments invoice for 2011. I am pleased to announce that members paid in full, by March 10th, will be eligible to win the pair of Simon Estes tickets LPA received as an event sponsor. For more information, check out the website:


Maintenance – Our maintenance crew has done a very commendable job removing snow this year. We still have another good month to go, but it looks like this winter will prove to be kinder to our road system than last year’s brutal beating.

Please remember that road embargoes are an inevitable part of our transition from winter to spring. Seal coat is very fragile during the spring thaw and is susceptible to serious damage during this brief period. We do our best to give advance notice of embargoes based upon the forecast, but must occasionally act with little notice to protect the integrity of our roads . Seal coat replacement costs nearly $20,000 per mile so please respect the weight limits during this time.

Security – Please contact the office if you would like to utilize LPA’s house check program. For a modest fee, LPA Security will check your home’s temperature while you are away. This can save thousands of dollars damage in the event of a furnace failure.

LP West Golf Course – February tee times are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Water Department – The cold temperatures have stalled progress on the water plant for the time being. We look forward to hosting an open house this summer once everything is completed and operational.

Erosion  Control – LPA and LP RIZ have been working together on long-range plans. Included in this discussion is the development of new silt basins for the lake’s smaller coves. These projects are still in the planning phase and will be revealed at a later date.

The Marina – Please give Lyn and his crew a ring if you are interested in renting one of LPA’s new slips in 2011. Demand has been very strong for the slips and only a few remain for the coming season. For more information, please call Coulter Panorama Marina at 641-755-2920.

LPN – Please also remember to patronize the LPN when you are out and about. You’ll not only enjoy a great meal but will also be helping the bottom line of LPA’s wholly owned subsidiary.

In closing, I encourage you all to make the most of our remaining winter. It’s a hard time to stay positive as we all spend a lot of time indoors. Just remember, days like today help us truly appreciate that first boat ride or round of golf!

Best wishes,

John Rutledge


Quote to ponder:

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”  — Albert Einstein