Greetings from LPA!

It’s hard to believe it’s December already. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and are enjoying the Holiday Season.

Tricia and I took the kids to Deal’s Orchard last night to purchase our first, real Christmas Tree. Trish and I both grew up with real trees but have always displayed an artificial tree during our ten Christmases together. The kids are pretty excited about the new tradition and the pine aroma brings back a lot of good memories from simpler days.

As we prepare for the holidays in our personal lives, we are also preparing for year-end at the office. Here are a few of the things we have been working on.

The 2011 LPA and LPN budgets were approved at the November meeting. As part of the LPA Budget, the LPA Board approved a 5% increase in LPA dues for 2011. These additional resources will help us continue to improve our association assets and services in the coming year. Please feel free to contact the LPA office if you would like a copy of either the LPA or LPN budget. We have worked  diligently to assemble a good business plan and would be pleased to share it with you.

The RIZ election is coming up on December 14th. This election is administered by the Guthrie County Auditor and is held in the basement of the LPA office. My sincere thanks to RIZ Board Members Frank Teale and Corey Welberg who have been strong leaders on this board. I am pleased to relay they are both interested in serving another term if elected. (Frank will be listed on the ballot with Corey running as a write-in candidate.)

Progress continues on the LPA Water Plant project. Grosch, the well contractor, is essentially finished with only some pump and electrical work remaining. Volume tests on the well were very positive with ample amounts of water being available.

C.L. Carroll, the plant contractor, is in the early stages of their project and is hopeful to complete some preliminary components before winter closes in on them. Their completion is expected in the spring of 2011.

RC Construction is also on site assembling a pole building which will serve as cold storage for water department equipment. This was originally specified as part of the new plant, but the decision was made to erect a separate structure instead. This approach will result in more square footage for our investment.

LPA rented a long stick backhoe this fall and removed over 1,000 dump truck loads of silt from small coves and adjacent drainages. We are very proud to have completed a great deal of preventative, erosion control work this fall and are thankful for the dry weather which allowed us a generous work window.

Security continues to work with hunters to responsibly reduce the whitetail deer herd. Doe harvests continue with many deer being donated to the state’s HUSH (Help Us Stop Hunger) program. Please drive carefully as Iowa’s deer season is preparing for its busiest weekend of activity.

The LP West Community Room is available for private events and is a true, hidden treasure of our association. Please give the LPA office a call if you would like to book the facility for a family dinner or gathering of friends. Connie and Judy will be happy to explain its amenities and coordinate arrangements with you.

The LPA office will be closed on December 24th and December 31st so that our employees may enjoy this time with their families. Security and snow removal will continue as always. Please contact LPA Security if you need anything during off hours.

In closing, please accept our wishes for a Warm and Memorable Holiday Season!

Take care,

John Rutledge

General Manager, Lake Panorama Association

A bit of humor — “The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has.” – Will Rogers