Just a quick notice –
PRIDE, Panora and Lake Panorama Economic Development Group, will be hosting a speaker to explain Question #1 at tomorrow’s noon meeting. Question #1 will appear on Iowa’s November ballot and seeks to establish funding for flood prevention, wetland restoration, and general conservation.

I expect we will find this Question to be consistent with the long-term goals of the Lake Panorama Association. Please feel free to join us tomorrow as we learn more.

PRIDE’s noon meeting will be held at the Lake Panorama National Conference Center. Attending this meeting would also be a good way for you to learn more about PRIDE and how it seeks to better the communities of Panora and Lake Panorama.

Feel free to join us if you can make it. The presentation itself should be around 20 minutes. The overall meeting is done by 1:00 pm.

I have attached a formal press release if you would like more information.



IWILL Press Travel – Lake Panorama Advisory