Greetings from LPA! I appreciate your continued readership.

I was recently recalling December 1, 2009. I remember driving by the golf course and thinking to myself it was unusually nice for December. I nearly played golf that day just so I could say I had logged a “December round.”

I didn’t end up going out and missed what was my last good opportunity for the season. Immediately afterward, the weather turned and the rest is Iowa weather history.

It seems like the past eight months have been an experiment in precipitation. Heavy snows of winter have been followed by repeated rains of spring and summer. We have been fortunate to avoid significant flooding this year but are, nevertheless, tired of rainy weather.

As I look back, I wish I would have gone golfing. It isn’t one of my life’s deep regrets or anything like that. It’s just that I underestimated the value of what was before me. Not knowing the weather ahead, I failed to appreciate the value of that warm December day.

Take some time to recognize and enjoy the “warm December days” of your life – You never know when you are about to be “snowed in.”

Below you will find my monthly report to the LPA Board of Directors. Please feel free to contact me at the office if you would like to discuss your thoughts about LPA.

Take care,


Lake Panorama Association

General Manager’s Report (as of 7/22/10)


  • The brush disposal sites are now open. The sites will be open for member use Wednesday through Sunday and closed for maintenance and burning on Mondays and Tuesdays. We have installed security cameras and ordered permanent signage for both locations.

  • I have spoken with FEMA, IA DNR and MHF Engineering regarding flood plain designations. The discussion is ongoing with a conference called planned for the near future. Progress on this issue is good.
  • President Jeschke and I met with representatives from the Sunset Ridge Condo Association and have drafted a potential agreement for your review.
  • I have been approached by a gentleman who wants to organize a race in August of 2011. This race is a relay event which would begin in the DM area and end at Boulder Beach. I asked a local contact to investigate this request and have been assured by her it is a legitimate and positive event. I intend to move forward with this as it will provide very favorable exposure to our community.
  • Panorama Days will be held on the weekend of August 6th, 7th and 8th. A boat parade will be held at the south shore at 8:30 pm with fireworks to follow at 9:30 pm.
  • The operational budget is on track with the exception of the Maintenance department. The LPA roads took a beating this winter and required a great deal more rock and patch than anticipated. Road materials could be as much as $20,000 over budget by year-end. Road surfacing (Sta-Bilt) has been completed and is $7,600 over budget for the year.
  • Based upon needs in the road department, we elected to defer two purchases from our capital budget. The low boy trailer and the dually will be postponed until a future budget year which will provide $58,500 to offset overages in road expenditures. This will also provide us some money to work with for fall projects and unforeseen issues in the third and fourth quarters of 2010.
  • Combined expenditures for the capital and operational budgets should still meet goals, although certain line items will vary significantly from the budget we prepared in the fall of 2009.


  • Sta-Bilt completed 10.4 miles of seal coat this year. Areas not completed this year will be patched and repaired as needed.

  • Continued rains have turned our attention from roads to drainage. Maintenance has a long list of drainage related projects and could really use some dry weather to accommodate their work.


  • IA DNR successfully banded geese at Lake Panorama. As discussed before, the bands will allow us to establish base line population and harvest data.
  • Water patrol has been monitoring silt fences and should provide us another perspective on this important issue.
  • Horseshoe Cove will be an area of focus for Security during the remaining months of the boating season as inappropriate language and excess congestion have become concerns for neighboring property owners.

LP West Golf Course

  • Wet weather has halted progress on cart path improvements. In addition, July 4th rains resulted in reduced revenues for what is traditionally a very strong weekend at the facility.


  • Bids for the Jordan well will be opened at 2:00 pm on the 23rd and presented to the Board at July 27th meeting.
  • **GM’s note: Bids were opened today (7/23) and pricing was extremely favorable for LPA. This is a very positive development for our overall water infrastructure project budget.**

  • Bids for plant improvements will be solicited in coming months with total project completion expected in the second or third quarter of 2011.

Erosion Control

  • The dredge (Horizon) continues to work in the upper basin. The crew will be occasionally working 48-50 hour weeks to ensure we can complete the 300,000 cubic yard contract before the lake ices over.
  • Small cove work to date has been minimal as the barge (Progress) has been busy cleaning up debris. Both the Burchfield trap and the Upper Basin trap have functioned well all year.
  • Several members from the Burchfield Cove area have expressed displeasure with our frequent use of the Burchfield trap this year. We deploy this trap based upon the weather forecast as it allows us to efficiently contain and remove debris from that area. Wet years such as this require more frequent deployment than normal or dry years. I have assured these members we will use this only as necessary.


  • Dam slough repair is underway at the LPA dam. Rain has made for a slow start but progress is being made. Transport loads of rock will be traveling to and from the dam via the west “guard shack” entrance. Final cost of this project will not be known until complete as the contract contains unit pricing for rock.

Respectfully submitted,

John Rutledge


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