Has Memorial Day come and gone already? It seems like only yesterday when we were all suffering from the “winter blues.” It’s hard to believe the month of June has arrived.

It has been nice to see many of you return for the summer season. Connie and Judy have processed a steady stream of boat stickers this year which is always a strong indicator warm weather is upon us.

Below is my General Manager’s report to the Board from last week. Things are exciting at LPA and I am pleased to say our “big” projects are all going very well.

The slip replacement project was completed on schedule and on budget. This will be a great addition to our marina for decades to come!

We received very competitive pricing for the dam slough repair and expect the contractors to begin work in the near future.

Finally, the schedule for water plant improvements continues to be optimistic. We will be in the paperwork phase for another two months, with construction expected this fall and winter. As I state below, we should be completely finished in the second or third quarter of next year.

Lake Panorama Association

General Manager’s Report (as of 5/24/10)


  • The May board packet contains a proposed agreement with the Lake Panorama Rural Improvement Zone for operation of the brush dumps. It is my hope the paperwork can be finalized in very early June so the facilities can be re-opened.
  • The new slips are completed and open for rental. The project has cost approximately $355,000 with disassembly and removal of the old slips still to be completed. Only about a dozen slips remain vacant which indicates a good demand for the stalls.
  • We executed a contract with the low bidder for 2010 beach and bathroom cleaning. Pricing came in as expected and should be consistent with our budget.
  • LPA has advertised for a part-time, seasonal mower this summer and will be bringing that person on in early June.
  • The office has been a busy place with many residents purchasing boat stickers, etc. The office will be open every Saturday morning from 9 to Noon through July 3rd to accommodate members.
  • The LPN golf course bathrooms are nearly complete and look great. Thanks and congratulations to all who pitched and made this possible.
  • John Dinnebier and I will be coordinating with Dan Wollner to review options on the course tee boxes. This project is in the preliminary phase.  


  • Sta-Bilt was on site to do road patching last week. This is in addition to our contract and is designed to level out areas that are significantly rutted.  
  • Maintenance is busy preparing for the Memorial Day holiday this week by mowing roadsides and completing other spring clean up projects. They will resume road prep shortly with the intent to have Sta-Bilt arrive in June.
  • The garbage enclosure at LPN has been repaired several times and will be looked at for potential replacement. It is a tired structure and will be considered for the 2011 capital budget.  


  • Security will be hosting a mock boating accident training session with local EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement on June 26, 2010.
  • Security is on the lake today reviewing potential goose sanctuary sites with DNR. Although sites are limited, it appears some additional mowing at the fuel dock (upper basin) could reduce the burden on our beaches and golf course.
  • DNR will be on site in late June to band geese at Boulder Beach and LPN. This is a cooperative effort in establishing base line population and harvest data.

LP West Golf Course

  • The LP West Golf Course has been busy and is preparing for the Memorial Day weekend. Traffic has been good so far this year. **(General Manager’s Blog Note: LP West had a great holiday weekend. Thanks to all of you who patronized the course!)
  • Cart path surfacing is being investigated for areas where white rock washes readily. Pricing will dictate timing of this project.
  • Minor maintenance to the irrigation system is being coordinated by staff to ensure the system is well kept.


  • IA DNR has accepted our water report which will allow us to move forward with plan specifications. Tom Madden, Engineer, estimates we will be ready to request proposals for well drilling and plant rehabilitation in late July or early August. Our timeline continues to be consistent with a summer/fall 2011 completion.

Erosion Control

  • The utility barge (Progress) has transitioned from debris to silt and is operating effectively. We completed a small project last week and expect good efficiency this season. Progress will be out of service for a few days this week to complete minor mechanical repairs.
  • Repairs to the County Basin outlet structure have been completed and are proving to be successful. Elevation of the water level is being raised and routine dam observation will be ongoing.
  • The dredge (Horizon) will depart the upper basin this week and move upstream until Labor Day.
  • Small cove analysis was completed last week with several big projects on the agenda for 2010. Prioritization is currently being completed.


  • Shive-Hattery received three bids on our behalf for the dam slough repair with the low bid being Reilly Construction. Bids were favorable and the working budget will be $145k – $150k for engineering, construction and contingencies. It is possible we could save as much as $20k depending on the amount of rock actually required.
  • We attended a dam management class in Atlantic last week and received a lot of good information. Proactive maintenance and thorough documentation will continue to remain priorities for LPA.

Respectfully submitted,

John Rutledge


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