Welcome to my April update and THANK YOU for your continued interest in LPA. As usual, I am attaching my monthly report to the LPA Board of Directors. I would note there are many items “in process” right now which should make for a more interesting read in coming months.

Spring is arguably our busiest time of year at LPA; it seems the timeframe between stocking caps and sunscreen is never as long as we would like to accomplish all of our work. I want to thank our staff as they really do an excellent job pulling everything together in this short window of time.

At the 2010 Annual Meeting, we will be saying “good-bye” to two of our longstanding LPA Board Members; John McDermott and Bill Douglass. I want to take a moment to compliment them on the service they have given the Association.

John McDermott has always been a board member who looked out for the “good of the association.” John deeply cares about our community, and his committment to LPA has always been at the core of his actions as a board member.

Bill Douglass is someone who always challenged us to be progressive and innovative. Bill was a catalyst for new ideas and his passion has been a driving force for the continuous improvement of LPA.

I really enjoyed working with John and Bill and appreciate the support they have provided me personally.  I have always respected their committment and loyalty to the Association and encourage you to give them a pat on the back when you see them this summer. Thanks, guys!

As I wrap up for this month, I challenge each of you to promote the concept of being a “good neighbor.” Take the initiative to improve your neighborhood by inviting a neighbor over for dinner, a cup of coffee or a social drink. This simple icebreaker can elevate your neighborhood to something more than just a collection of homes. The hectic lifestyles we lead often cause us to overlook the value of good neighbors. I realize this seems like obvious advice, but many of us simply don’t take the time to cultivate the relationships that are right next door. Trust me and give it a try.
Lake Panorama Association
General Manager’s Report (as of 4/22/10)


  • LPA staff meets tomorrow (4/23) with the Lake Panorama Rural Improvement Zone to discuss a formal agreement regarding our brush disposal sites. It is possible we will have an agreement available for Board approval at the April 27 meeting. We have experienced difficulty obtaining all necessary affidavits from neighboring property owners and will explore moving the maintenance shop site northeast to obtain a sufficient separation distance.

  • LPA financial performance through March is slightly off pace. Significant and infrequent repair expenses have been incurred in March for the Maintenance and Erosion Control departments. This does not represent a concerning trend, but rather an isolated timing issue related to spring equipment repair. I will monitor the budget as we progress through the year and adjust future expenditures as needed to reach our goals.

  • Shoremaster has completed construction of the east set of slips and has begun work on the middle set. The electrician should begin work yet this week on the east set with entire completion expected by May 15th. This project is progressing well.

  • Construction to replace the steps to the upper marina parking lot is nearly completed, with minor concrete repair also being done in front of the marina sales building. This is a 2010 capital budget item which was sorely needed.

  • Buoys and docks have been installed with two new roll in docks being purchased for Boulder Beach. These were also a 2010 capital budget item and represent a solid improvement.

  • Committee re-appointments will be on the May agenda. We have candidates confirmed for all vacancies. Please give some thought to any additional nominations you might make. In addition, please be prepared to determine Board member committee assignments (two per committee).

  • I have determined we will sub-contract bathroom cleaning this summer for our three beaches. I expect to advertise for bids next week and encourage you to share this information with anyone who might be interested. This is a departure from our past practice of employing a full-time, seasonal employee to clean bathrooms and mow. The change is being pursued in an attempt to streamline our staffing in this area.


  • We have selected the 10 miles to be seal coated and the maintenance crew is busy preparing for Sta-Bilt’s arrival. We continue to hope for early completion as was the case in 2009.
  • Some ice damage remains on LP West, LPN, and LPA Beaches. Maintenance will be coordinating the rental of a lift with LP West and LPN golf courses for early May to clean up remaining limbs.

  • Maintenance demolished the LPN bathrooms on #13 and #4 to prepare for construction of the new facilities.
  • Once seal coat preparation is completed, we will begin looking at 2010 drainage projects and other repair work.


  • Security is well prepared for the summer season. As part of Security’s preparation process, LPA will be hosting a mock boating accident training session with local EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement on June 26, 2010. In addition, there will be a “table top” exercise for involved participants on April 29, 2010.
  • Security has been working with DNR to accommodate their deer count. In addition, we will be allowing DNR to band geese on LPA facilities this spring/summer. To summarize, we are devoting significant efforts to establishing some base line population data.

LP West Golf Course

  • The LP West Golf Course Committee met this week and reviewed a few minor facility items. Everett Brown has moved and is no longer on the committee. I will include the appointment of his replacement in the May agenda as we will be re-appointing other expired members at that time.
  • Play has begun on course with leagues resuming in the near future. Members may still sign up for 2010 league play.


  • The water plant facilities report has been submitted to the DNR. Tom Madden, Engineer, has been preparing preliminary survey and site layout to keep the ball rolling while DNR reviews. Tom is planning to attend the annual meeting and will be a featured speaker.

  • Hydrant flushing has been completed with good results.

Erosion Control

  • The debris trap has been deployed in the upper basin. Debris from the spring thaw is being collected by utility barge ‘Progress’ with good success. In addition, the debris trap in Burchfield Cove is deployed when the forecast dictates.
  • The Dredge has begun working in the upper basin and is off to a respectable start for 2010. Limited spring debris has allowed the dredge operators to focus on silt removal.
  • The County Basin outlet stops have been replaced with increased waterproofing installed. This will increase efficiency and effectiveness of the basin.
  • As stated last month, Shive-Hattery continues to monitor some soil erosion issues specific to the basin with no repairs scheduled at this time.


  • Shive-Hattery and Allender-Butzke are preparing bid specifications for the LPA dam slough repair and expect to have a contractor recommendation ready for the May Board meeting. No significant physical developments have occurred since last month.

Respectfully submitted,

John Rutledge


Events you don’t want to miss!

LPA Annual Meeting – May 8th @ 10:00 am.  LPN Conference Center

Lake Panorama Fin and Feather Banquet – May 8th. Social Hour @ 5:30. Diner @ 6:30. LPN Conference Center.

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