Greetings from LPA – Thanks for tuning in for the January 2010 update!

Each month, I submit my General Manager’s report to the LPA Board of Directors.  This report is designed to summarize LPA’s progress on key issues and projects.

This report has traditionally been an “inside baseball” document.  In other words, I have written this with limited background or explanation as the Board is already up to speed.  As I expand my audience to all of you, I will do my best to throw in a little history and detail where I feel it is needed.

I hope you find this to be informative.  Please feel free to contact me at the office with any thoughts or questions you might have.

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  • Judy, Connie and Susan have been preparing the annual dues and assessments mailing.  This will be sent out around the 1st of February. This year’s billing includes the first installment of the three year water infrastructure assessment.
  • LPA took a very firm stance on unpaid accounts toward the end of 2009 with several judgments being filed.  This was very successful and will be implemented again in 2010.  It is my plan to pursue collections earlier in 2010 than we did in 2009.  Adequate notices will be sent to the members prior to any judgments being filed.

  • Randy and I have been in contact with DNR regarding the status of our brush dumps.  We currently have two variance applications under consideration.  The immediate variance application requests permission to collect and burn tree damage from the recent ice storm.  Approval of this request is reasonably likely as it is for a one time burn only. The fate of our long term request remains uncertain.

  • Auditors Jon Paulsen and Andrew Howe have been on site and are making good progress with the annual audit.  They will not prepare a formal report for several months but have indicated to me that everything looks to be in good order. 

  • The 2009 LPA operational and capital budgets both finished strongly.  A detailed summary has been sent to the board for review and discussion.


  • The harsh winter has consumed a large amount of salt and sand.  Fortunately, we purchased a significant inventory in mid 2009 and remain sufficiently supplied.  We will aggressively replenish our stockpile in the summer of 2010 so that we enter next season equally prepared.
  • LPA has suffered its share of tree damage at the parks and golf courses.  The majority of cleanup will be undertaken once site access is more manageable.


  • Security continues to fight the ice and snow to complete house checks.  Denny and his crew do a good job of completing the task while at the same time using sound judgment with regard to their safety.

  • Denny and I have discussed some of the wildlife management issues we have at LPA and are working to develop a more effective approach to geese and deer.  It is a complex topic as we must coordinate our efforts with both state and federal agencies, (geese are federally protected).

LP West Golf Course

  • LP West has a minimal amount of activity during this time of year.  Plans will be made in the coming weeks and months to prepare for the 2010 season. 


  • Mike, Andy and I have been working closely with engineer Tom Madden.  Tom informed me he will have a draft ready for us to review in the next couple of weeks.  This timeframe will comfortably accommodate presentation of his final report at the March meeting.  We continue to be pleased with Tom’s approach.

  • We have recently received a few complaints of discolored water.  This is exclusively a result of main breaks that have occurred.  Our water plant continues to put out water that is free from high iron and high manganese.  Unfortunately, discolored water is an unavoidable occurrence during main breaks and hydrant flushing.  The important thing for us to communicate is that these are isolated instances and are not part of the systemic problem we had a couple of years ago.

Erosion Control

  • The RIZ Board met on the 22nd and awarded LPA the 2010 dredging contract. Our 2010 contract is to remove 300,000 cubic yards from the upper basin for $325,000.  As part of the agreement, RIZ will provide a fuel allowance of $120,000.  (Total expenses to RIZ for dredging and fuel will be capped at $445,000.)  This is comparable to contracts we have had in recent years.  It should be noted LPA will fund other small erosion control projects in addition to the upper basin assignment.
  • Mike and Kevin continue to coordinate repairs on several dredge components.  There is a significant amount of off-season maintenance to be done so the crew can begin dredging when the ice exits the upper basin.


  • The dam slough project is on hold until spring arrives.  Shive-Hattery and Allender-Butzke have assured us there is nothing we need to be doing during the winter months.
  • Mike has been keeping tabs on the unpredictable weather we have had this year.  The January rain resulted in higher flows than normal but was manageable.


“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”  – Henry Ford

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