Thank you for taking time to join me for my inaugural blog. I appreciate your interest and look forward to making the most of this opportunity to communicate with LPA members.

When I was named General Manager in 2007, the Board and I began working together on several goals. Among those was an effort to shorten our monthly board meetings, completing our business in two or three hours. It was obvious we could not only become more efficient through this goal, but also more effective by focusing on the high priority issues.

There was a suggestion John Dinnebier and I present our General Manager reports in writing as part of the monthly board packet. Prior to this, the GM reports were delivered verbally as part of the meeting. This idea was tested and immediately proved to be a huge success. Without doubt, this format resulted in a more comprehensive and focused discussion of the month’s important and relevant happenings. At the same time, we were able to shave a solid hour off of our meetings.

As with all great ideas, however, we discovered there is a drawback.

When I was providing a verbal report, we had much more detailed and descriptive minutes. The discussions, and spin-off discussions, were all detailed in the record and provided the LPA membership a greater understanding of what was going on. Now that a written report is being offered, there is far less description of general LPA activities in the minutes.

As we begin a new year, I resolved to help keep the LPA membership better informed by summarizing in this blog the monthly report I give the Board. It is important to me that LPA members not only understand the issues in which we are invested, but also understand that your Board remains regularly informed of our progress on these issues.

I can’t promise you these reports will always be exciting, but I will do my best to keep you in the loop on the major issues of the LPA. It is my hope this blog will provide LPA members not only solid content, but also a little insight into where we are at and where we are going.

I hope to have a January blog entry posted within the next week that will include updates on some of our winter projects. I hope you’ll learn more about your association by reading these monthly blogs, and that you will encourage other members to check these out as well.

Best wishes –

John Rutledge



‘A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.’ – English Proverb